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    Here are some of the peds I used to own. Keyword is some not all. Probably another 100 peds after this

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    Why do own more than one.....

    For me, each one was an engineering journey..
    First Purchase was a GSR40 TSi..
    It ignited a spark... It gave me something to do in the winter months, That didn't require going outside..

    Next came the Original Black Cherry SkoPed...
    600 hours of re-engineering and learning along the way.
    Y frame, extended, hand made, innovation......

    Black Cherry Le Mans 60..
    Figuring out what I could do differently... And better..
    Fan less 60 with home made head kit.. Tank fender. Dual brake from one lever.

    Black Cherry Geo 50..
    Making dull stuff pretty..
    Strato charged 50 with hand made pull start housing, air box, fan deflector.
    82mm rims front and rear with PMT 90 tyres

    Of course.... I didn't stop there....
    Full list-

    Goped GSR40 TSi... Unmolested.
    Black Cherry Skoped 60 (GSR25 frame)
    Black Cherry Le Mans 60 (GSR 40 frame)
    Black Cherry Geo 50 (GSR40 frame)
    Black Cherry Big Foot
    Pro 60
    Scooter Pro's Pro Bike... With a choice of 3 engines.
    Standard Big Foot
    Blata Blatino (27cc Bluebird engine)

    And a few spare engines-
    6x GSR 40 engines
    2x Zenoah 60
    2x G5K 50cc strimmer engines
    1x G4K 43cc strimmer engine, similar to G43 but with metal cover.
    1x 25cc Geo with MrTea carb manipulation
    1x G290rc unit
    1x Geo 45
    2x G23L backwards LH engines with clutch on flywheel
    1x Kawasaki TD48

    A few Photos.... In no particular order..
    ... J.

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    There is nothing that cannot be fixed with a good cup of Tea.

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    I missed your jibberishly long winded posts, good to see you.
    Of all your beautiful gorgeousities, I was admittitedly admiring the wood burner.
    Hell Fab

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